Khutbah - Virtues of the Month of Muharram and Fasting on Aashoora

This khutbah was given at Masjid Tawheed in Stone Mountain, GA.  Please join us if you are able at 5848 Memorial Dr, Stone Mountain, GA 30083.  If you are not able to attend in person, please feel free to listen in via our Paltalk room or our telelink line at 712-432-2856.  

The khutbah today was regarding the virtues of the month of Muharram and the great reward for fasting on the day of Aashoora as well as the day before it (the 9th of Muharram).  This year these days will coincide with next Wednesday and Thursday, the 13th and 14th of November.

**Edited to reflect the correct date of the 9th & 10th of Muharram