Tawakkul (Reliance) Upon Allah Pt 3

This talk was given at Masjid Ibadur-Rahman in Marietta, GA.

Taken from one of the works of our noble sheikh Dr Saaleh al-Fawzaan entitled   محاضرات في العقيدة و الدعوة .  You may download the original Arabic text by clicking on the title. 

We continue today with the explanation of the sheikh of depending upon Allahu ta'ala and also following the means.  This is a very important as many people fall into one of the two extremes, some people say, "We rely upon Allah," but they don't follow the means.  They may sit at home and not work, saying that Allah will provide and not put any effort forth on their own part.  And yet some others fall into the other extreme and rely upon the means and their own efforts, and neglect reliance upon Allah altogether. 

However, the shiekh explains to us what is correct and gives us many beautiful and beneficial reminders regarding these points. Listen to find out more...

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